Skelton & Blackstone Attorneys, LLC
specializes in Real Estate, Probate, Landlord/Tenant, & Civil litigation.



Our mission is to provide a personable and professional environment to reduce our clients' stress. Skelton & Blackstone strategically settles or litigates cases to our clients' best advantage. 


  • In 2015, S&B successfully defended a client from a $500,000 lawsuit by conducting  4 1/2 years of litigation and a 6-day jury trial, ultimately winning a jury decision of $0 liability.  
  •  S&B represents some of the most successful property managers in the Metro-Atlanta area.  
  • S&B Law has won thousands of dispossessory actions, has closed thousands of real estate purchases /sales/refinances, and has won many  boundary and property disputes.
  • S&B provides compassionate legal service in drafting Wills, Trusts and other testamentary documents by taking the time to understand family dynamics and interpersonal relationships. 
  • S&B provides Probate services, helping families process a Will through the Probate courts.
  • S&B Law reviews, drafts, and interprets residential and commercial leases.
  • S&B Law provides Pro Bono legal services for many worthy causes, including Sweetwater Mission, which is based in Austell, Georgia and is the largest food bank East of the Mississipi